Ellem® Inc. is a software production company, we build and engineer software for our clients and ocassionaly build and sell our own products. We're people-focused with an emphasis on capital gain and strategic value.

We have changed the way software is made.

Some quotes from our clients and customers

The communication that [Ellem] provides is incredible. [Ellem] is quick to take responsibility and fix whatever problems arise.
I had three other software development firms tell me it would take an entire year to create our app; Ellem did it in 35 days. To this day, it remains our most stable system.
We partnered with Ellem three years ago after we lost our development team. We have saved so much time and money it's incredible. We are never going back.
Ellem worked with our development team and was responsible for clearing all roadblocks and laying the foundation for a flexible platform. Our team can now focus on our customers' needs instead of our software needs.
We don't need a CTO when we have [Ellem].
I was on the phone with [Ellem], and before I could fully explain what was wrong, they had fixed it.
All we gave [Ellem] was a crude drawing of the UI. Two months later the fully functioning product was given to our customers. I've never seen anything like that in software.
I'm not sure what Ellem's secret is, and honestly, I don't care. All I know is that I haven't needed to worry about our technology production since we partnered with them, it's been seamless.