Welcome to the future of A.I.

Ellem Laboratories focuses our research and development on Artificial Intelligence. The near future is ran by this technology and we're getting a head start into the market by developing AIs that are designed to lead rather than assist.

We offer products and services with this technology. For more information on what these AI's do, you can find all of our information in Our Mission.

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What Ellem Laboratories can do for you

We call ourselves a Laboratory because we spend more time in R&D than we do consulting. We'd rather have smarter, faster, and stronger technology than more of it.

Civil Information Systems

We're spending researching time handling the partnership of Civil Systems and Big Data, Deep Learning, and of course, Artificial Intelligence.

GIS Solutions


AI Integration

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Cyber Security and Cryptology

Our cyber security laboratory offers penatration testing by our CEH certified hackers.

Ethical Hacking

Comprehensive Cyber Security

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Efficiency Committee

Ellem has a team dedicated to doing things faster in the IT environment. Such as discovering the best practices, technology, standards, and work-flow. In a typical environment we can guarantee minimzing internal friction in a company's IT department

Training and Workshops

Workforce Consulting

Native System Library Development

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