About Us

We are a software development firm, and we are changing how the IT industry creates software. We do not see ourselves as a helpdesk, we do not see ourselves as another 3rd party vendor, and we do not see ourselves as a technical staffing agency. We see ourselves as computational mathematicians, digital linguists, lawyers of the CPU, carpenters of logic, code crafters, and systems engineers. There is simply no combination of nouns that can describe what we are other than unique. We embrace our uniqueness because we know what makes us different is what makes us strong.

This company, unlike our competitors, was founded by and is lead by individuals who are extraordinarily gifted in the software and technology industry. We do not like wasting time outside of the constant improvement of our processes and standards.

Our Mission Statement

We solve problems.

This world is not full of problems; it is just missing solutions. Our passion is to solve problems, no matter how grandiose they appear.

Our products are reliable and efficient.

Without reliable and efficient software, our customers and clients can lose valuable time and money. Due to this fact, we make sure that every product that leaves one of our labs is both reliable and efficient. We have a strict policy in place to ensure everything is produced without error or assumptions.

We make sure that all of our products specialize in usability, interoperability, and performance. Our products are small, easy to use, easily implemented, and have high performance. We believe that a large problem is better solved when a series of small, modular solutions are used rather than a single, large solution.

We optimize our smaller products to work faster and more efficiently. As the products increase in size, we naturally become more organized because the work becomes more architectural. Architectural work is simply connecting the pieces that already exist, which minimizes the time needed to develop larger projects and maximizes their robustness.

Our process is exceptional.

The motivation for starting this firm was that we had witnessed the state of the information technology sector in the American midwest. We saw corporations outsourcing their IT to over-sea firms that only produced unmaintainable, error-prone, and ugly products. Some corporations that do not specialize in the IT field would also recruit under-qualified, in-house IT developers.

We want to set the standard on what exceptional IT production looks like while still having an edge against our competitors. We started this company by spending most of our time creating our process — the secret to creating this process was combining the old ways with the new ways of software development. The advantage of having both perspectives is to see the middle ground, a middle ground with robustness from the old ways and flexibility from the new. With this mixture, we have made a process of IT production that our competitors cannot match.

Everybody must love what we do.

Why would anyone do anything if there is no passion for what they do? We make sure that all of our employees love what they do, and all of our customers love what they receive.

We are influenced by other firms who have discovered that the team needs to express themselves through their talents. If you cannot use your talents to express yourself, then these "talents" are not talents at all.