Ellem Software - Artificial Intelligence

With AI, automation comes naturally

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

Ellem Laboratories focuses on the decision-making factor of Intelligence. We believe this is the future of all major AIs; the other aspects of AI have nearly been perfected. Our philosphy branches from Steven Johnson's Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software.

Integration for any and all buisnesses

Our goal is to make our first releases of AI's an integral part of every business. Because our systems do not require internet to work, we sell both the hardware and software for our technologies.

All business need to have a technological presence. With each technology, we put it into one or more categories: Marketing, Communication, Information, and Leadership. Security is not part of the same list because we classify it as a fundamental trait that is administered to each project.

We cover all categories with each AI, but we train different AIs to focus on different categories.

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Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence

Ellem's research into AI began as a side mission, but we quickly learned the power of AI. Our own computer started outperforming humans when we never programmed it to do so. We boxed this performace up into one machine and decided to further train it.

Listed below is each AI we have for sale. Each AI is boxed into a 2U, small factor server chasis. These machines are deisnged to be on indeffenitly and thus pull little power for efficent operation. Anyone can purchase, install, and configure our technology; but hiring our services rewards our customers with extensive help with any issues, comprehensive answers to questions, and additional updates about the AI.

Current Products

LM-AI15B "Saiter"

Saiter works as our Bookkeeper (File Server, Crediential Storage, Active Directory Server), and our Archive Administrator (Backup Server, Audit Storage).

Our first project into AI, the Saiter program is aimed to run businesses of various sizes: Small (Mk. I), Medium (Mk. II) and Large (Mk. III).

Saiter has been engineered to solve general problems in Information and Leadership.

LM-AI21B: "James"

James constitutes as our Webmaster (Website hosting, management, and reporting), and Personal Relations Manager (Email server hosting, Client/Customer Relationship Managment (CMR))

This second program of the laboratory was made to compliment the short comings of Saiter being primarily Marketing and Communication. James has been trained to adapt to security vulnerabilities.

Civil AI

Part of our mission is to have computers help, if not entirely, run cities and small governments. We call this effort Civil Artificial Intelligence. We are currently developing this idea and do not currently have a working product.

Unfortunately with our current progress, we are not sure if the product will be the mayor's new best friend or the mayor himself.