App Development

Do you have an idea for the next big thing? Let us help you in creating your dream app. Rather it be a website, iOS, android, or all the above. We serve anyone with a good idea by providing a reasonable quote for your budget and size of your project.

The Process

Before we get started, we'd like to share the process we have installed so you can become familiar with what to expect.

  1. Having the Entry Conversation

    So you want to outsource development? Of course you do! It's hard, it's complicated, it takes years to learn and decades to master. We know you have many questions of what needs to happen for your dream to come true. The first grand step to us translating technical jargon into a more understandable idea of what your project requires and also any upfront issues you will run into. This conversation is complementary with all potential clients! So don't be shy to contact us with as much detail of the project you can provide!

  2. Writing a Project Draft

    Here we sort out details of the app that are important to the timeline of the development, the big ones being:

    • Minimal Viable Product (MVP) functionality
    • Desired platform(s) (iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Linux, ect)
    • Product completion timeline
    • Future development and functionality
    • Audience size
    • Needed security measures and legal compliance
    • Collection and availability of possible data

    Once the above details are clear, we can give an accurate quote to your project.

  3. Draw out the User Interface

    Here, we start to layout how the product will perform on the highest level. We like to have you still involved in this step for the best of results. Ellem Laboratories considers this step important to making sure your needs are met.

    In the context of a mobile app, by working with you as the client, we produce a book of diagrams that layout every screen of what the app will look like and how it will function. Only after this step is complete we can begin developing the product.

  4. Develop the App

    In accordance with the details provided in the project draft while continuously referencing the User Interface documents, we set off to develop the MVP. Your involvement can be anything from daily updates to quarterly meetings based on your preference, on the size of the project, and the position in the timeline.

  5. Deliver the Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

    With your seal of approval, we give you the finished product. We can also place it on the proper publishing platform such as app stores or the cloud.

  6. Provide Post-MVP services

    This step is highly dependent on the clients need as well as the product specification. Any of the following process could take place after the MVP is delivered:

    • Continue development: Enter the Systems development life cycle. We continue to work together improving the product over time.
    • Warrant Security: Ellem Laboratories can provide security updates as the world of cyber security changes and improves. This is an affordable option for apps needing long term support but do not require any functional changes.
    • Product Adoption: Although we hate to see you go, if you wish to start maintaining the app by yourself or by a third party, Ellem Laboratories considers this "Product Adoption". We provide source code, documentation, and general support in an effort to ease the transition.

We thank you for considering us and we hope to look forward to doing business.