Civil Information Systems

Laboratory of Civil Information Systems (LCIS) is occupied by experts in big data and civil systems. We do work for the engineering side of things which all happen to be heavy integrates with Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Ellem has been entangled with Civil IT sense its foundation. Consulting with our knowledge yields performing interoperability that results in greater automation.

Automation is key in Infrastructure

We've pasted the time where data has become infrastructure itself. However Ellem Laboratories believes that unlike other infrastructure, the internet has yet to be as powerful as electricity, clean as sanitary sewer, and not as safe as water.

Civil IS/IT Interoperability by Ellem LLC

We use Big Data and our wide understanding of Civil IT systems to connect the large pieces of what makes infrastructure works. See our Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence to also learn about our efforts about integrating AIs into Civil IS/IT.

Expert Consulting

What we can do for you is integrate and automate tasks lying on the extremes of hard and mundane. These task that no one wants to do but everyone wants done. This has become easier to do with Civil Engineering firms that work with programs that can be modified, and tailored.

This laboratory is dedicated to the scientific importance of civil infrastructure and it's data. More importantly, we focus on the automation and accuracy because that civil engineering has become such a rule-by-rule process.

Modify your tools and tailor them to your operations

The software above can be tailored and modified to suite you businesses needs. All of the above have the ability to adopt plugins, because this massive software firms knew that their tools would best be used when customized. The problem is no one takes advantage of this, causing companies to pay people to do a computer's job.

Endless flexibility for maximum interoperability

Ellem Laboratories' strategy is to know everything. We can cross our knowledge from one tool into the other. This allows us to provide the most amount of flexibility than any other firm. We can literally make your coffee machine turn on every time the city's website approves your bid.