We love going places.

Software is everywhere now. We believe that good software is not industry-specific. We believe that good software is a principle all industries can and should adopt. We've been involved, and will continue to be involved, in a large and diverse collection of industries. We believe that such a broad application of our services forces us to be as robust as possible.

Below is a comprehensive but brief overview of all the industries we have made sizeable contributions to. We staff experts proper to each industry to give us a guarenteed line of comunication. If you are interested in working with us, see if your operations fall under an industry below so you can feel confident knowing that what you do is not foreign to us.

business Startups

We develop software for startups we work with either in part or whole. Startups come to us when they lack financial or personel resources, or, have software/technical challenges that cannot be solved internally. In either case we like to work with Startups who are bold and ambitous.

power Nuclear Power

We are a usual supplier in logistics and controls systems software development in the nuclear power industry. We entered this industry trying to solve the logistical challenges brought about nuclear microreactors and small modular reactors (SMRs).

apartment Civil Infrastructure

Our work in the Civil Infrastracture field, more specifically sewer and water, includes a portfolio with large metropolitan companies both the public and private sectors. Information technology software as well as geospatial information systems are our forte in this industry of which we have a long history with.

class Legal & Litigation Consulting

An industry that has influenced us to establish long-term partnerhsip with our clients is the Legal & Litigation Consulting industry. We work with law firms and supporting consulting firms by providing a key partnership in navigating this world of technology. With depositions and discovery mostly in terms of databases and digital documents, it's important to have us as a parter to provide talent and technology that can capitalize on the status quo.

medical_services Medical Information Systems

Our long and established history of having unparalled talent in security and reliability results in us having a good footprint in this industry. Our customers use our software development abilities to ensure private infomration stays private using up-to-date network practices as well as future-proof cyber security. We also make applications that assist with data gathering of patient information.

code Software Development

Our teams love to work with other teams when trying to solve a problem. We subcontract for other software development firms both large and small to provide niche and reliable support for technologies. Software Developers are hard to find, talented ones are even harder to find. By partnering with us you can skip this worry while still climbing upwards in this industry with us a strategic partner.

But there's some places we'd still like to go.

As you can see we here at Ellem are not fearful of trying new things but infact we embrace it. That being said, we are now working our ways into the following adjacent indsutries. We are putting ourselves in these industries because we see them with economic and strategic importance going forward.