Our Mission

Our mission here is simple: automate the automation. Anyone who works with more than one organization knows that there are rules ALL organizations must follow. Rather it be a business or a body of government, mastering the efficiency of an organization requires undisputed rules of delegation and prediction.

Let's go down in history

As mankind advances in technology, we also advance our sciences in culture . We are bridging the gap between science and culture by making machines that understand how to conduct The System. The consolidation of man and machine has since been called Artificial Intelligence. We act as the next push in this field.

Fun over finances

Ellem encourages professionalism and personality within our team so we can impact this industry culturally. IS/IT companies have become so involved in the quick dime that the science is lagging. We prefer freedom and transparency over long contracts and shady performances.

I started Ellem without any real reason. I loved the art of technology, and I wanted to help further the power and usefulness of computers. I began with only consulting my talents in the Civil Industry, but ultimately yearned for something more complex and ground breaking.

My vision is to see houses, businesses, cities, and other government bodies be run by AI. I only think it's possible because, as the years go on, we discover there's an algorithm for nearly everything: wiring, plumbing, construction, communicating, company growth, roads, zoning, etc. Today, we slowly perfect these algorithms down the very number, and let the computers handle the rest. I want to develop the product that does it all, something I plug into the wall and let it learn what's around it until it finally starts making decisions.

To some, it seems scary. To me, it's nothing short of a thrill. Everyday our technology turns another page, whether we want it to or not. My company's work creates computers to act as bricks to lay in the long road into the future. A.I. is already controlling the way we live in many ways; my efforts will put A.I. into our hands as, not a tool, rather, another creature.

-K. Marschke, Founder