Our mission statement.

Our mission is to solve problems with reliable and efficient computer technology products developed with exceptional engineering, quality control, and creative thinking. Both our customers and staff must love what we make.

To start, we solve problems.

You've heard us say it before. This world isn't full of problems, just missing solutions. To us, that means the worlds largest problem is an omen to the worlds largest solution. Thus we are problem-based company.

Our products are reliable and efficient.

Every product that leaves the laboratory must have the reliability of gravity and the efficiency of inertia, as gravity never fails and inertia never slows.

Every engineer of any field knows there's trade-offs to making these promises, our products are no exception. We make these trade offs to specifically suite out priorities in usability, interoperability, and performance. Our products small, easy to use, can be connected to others, and high in performance. It's our belief that a large problem is better solved with a series of smaller, inner-connected solutions working together rather than a single, larger solution.

Which brings us to how we compare with other product based firms. We optimize our smaller products to work faster and more efficient. As the products increase in size, we naturally become more organized because as the work becomes more architectural. Architectural work is simply connecting the pieces that already exist, minimizing the time needed to develop larger projects and maximizing their robustness.

Our process is exceptional.

The original motivation we had for starting this firm was because we had witnessed the state of the Information Technology sector in the American Midwest. We saw corporations outsourcing their IT to over-sea firms that produced nothing but unmaintainable, error-prone, and ugly products. Not as bad but still just as unreliable, other corporations would recruit under-qualified in-house IT developers.

We want to set the standard on what exceptional IT production look like, while still having an edge against our competitors. We started this company spending the most of our time creating our process. The secret to creating this process combining the old ways with the new. The advantage of having both perspectives is to see the middle ground. A middle ground that has the robustness from the old ways, and flexibility from the new. In this mixture we have made a process of IT production that cannot be matched by our competitors, even then, we are still innovating new ways to perfect this process.

And of course, everybody must love what we do.

Why would any one do anything if there wasn't love involved? Our day to day is orientated around the fact that employees and customers are equally important for a quality product. If there's no interest in customers, it can almost always reflects the disinterest in the employees and vice-versa.

So how do we maintain it? We are influenced by other firms who have discovered that the team needs to express themselves through their talents. If you cannot use your own talents to express yourself, are they really your talents? We set aside 20% of an employee's time at Ellem to allow them to work on what ever they want. The "20 Program" is expected to output the most innovative and out-there projects. As long as the we're prideful about our projects and talents, our customers, clients, and partners are equally as prideful to work with us.