Software is not technology.

We here at Ellem do not recognize that software is technology. Sure, we will call ourselves “IT company”, or a “tech startup”, or maybe even a “technology consulting group”. But that’s because everyone is used to those words and are familiar with it, the industry is forcing us to use the “T-word”. But at the end of the day, we say software is not technology.

The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

The important word in this definition is “scientific”. Which now begs the question: “is software a scientific venture?”. And the answer is a big fat No. Software is the use of abstract and arbitrary specifications, just like math, which also isn’t a technology.

Software is executed on a computer just as math is executed on paper. The computer and paper are both technologies. But the software and math being executed on that technology are abstract.

Software is not technology, its an automated business model.

Software is a list of instructions just as a business model is a list of instructions. And as we all move about the 21st century, we find that more and more of the business model can be rewritten as software. With fewer people to occupy the needs of a business model, this explains why software-heavy companies have higher profits.

There are a few exceptions.

Now just because the software itself isn’t a technology, does that always mean whoever uses software waives their right to be called a technologist? Of course not. As long as the purpose of that software is to be used to provide instructions to a concrete object to perform a scientific application. A good example of this would be robotics programming.

If the software exists on a concrete device to allow that device to function in a scientifically correct manner is indeed technology. However, this can still be argued as an “automated business model”.


Software is not a technology. Software is closer to math than it is to science. Do not patent your software, treat it as a trade secret.