Ellem Leadership

Kevin Marschke

Chief Executive Officer

Marschke is the "M" in "LM" (Ell-em), being an original co-founder alongside Mr. Lange. Mr. Marschke has a long history in the computer software industry as well as a talented background in scientific development, business development, marketing development, and intellectual property development.

Kevin serves as the CEO of Ellem giving him the high-level authority in company direction, corporate decision making, and final say in business development strategies.

Brett Lange

Chief Security Officer

Mr. Lange is the "L" in "LM" (Ell-em), being an original co-founder alongside Mr. Marschke. Mr. Lange has an extensive and diverse scientific and engineering history in aerospace engineering, software engineering, economic sciences, and Project Management.

As the Chief Security Officer Mr. Lange financial operations and acts as the lead portfolio manager handling corporate-level assets and investments. He is the ultimate source of laboratory accountability.

Brett is currently earning his degree in Aerospace engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Parker Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Parker Jones was invited to join Ellem because of his passion for business development, engineering background, and drive for innovation. Mr. Jones's background includes engineering network technologies, IoT, and business interoperability.

Because of his combinations of talents has given the title of Chief Operating Officer. He leads all day-to-day operations and is incharge of all operating programs within Ellem.

Mr. Jones graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Bryan Hoffman

Executive Officer

Bryan Hoffman's part in the earlier stage of Ellem gave the company a different perspective as the first non-engineer to be a part of the leadership. Bryan's value is in his verbal talent to be very relatable while conducting himself in a very straight forward and to-the-point manner.

His role as an Executive Officer gives him the authority to the reputation and relations the laboratory maintains, as well as dictating day-to-day tasks that direct the output of the product line.

Mr. Hoffman graduated from the University of Missouri - St. Louis with a Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing.