We want to know everything.

We staff scientist that are excited to get their hands on anything and everything. This gives a good range of clients to work with. The bigger the challenge the better. We don't care about what has to be done all we care is how and why.

Our clients and past clients

Metropolitan Sewer District

Our biggest and most demanding client to date. Originally brought on to help their GIS department integrate ESRI's JavaScript API into their system. We've sensed expanded an amount of services including Civil Interoperability, Native System Libraries, and Frontend and Backend Web Management

Missouri Public Service Commission

Well assisted utility companies integrate their GIS data to be used in the Missouri One Call System (MOCS). These utility companies that used our service cut their MOCS complacency efforts from 24+ hours per call, to 0. Our services were known as "superb automation".


MedTech, a medical software company provides small practices with payment and data solutions. The recent acts of the Federal Government required further enforcement of encryption in the medical field. We worked with them and created the solution that allowed encrypted communication between two arbitrary medical facilities. We reported a pentest to solidify our solution's security.


Aligned to the same goals as our Civil Laboratory, SmartGeoTech provides solutions in the realm of Smart Cities. We're partners with SmartGeoTech and they've been our best client sense the beginning.

Midwest Engineering

A Civil Engineering firm that first required basic IT work but our first client for our A.I. efforts, they're our first client to act as a guinea pig for it's development. We thank them for that.

Phall Tech

Phall Tech is a small St. Louis start-up working with a few medical firms in regards to boosting IT production. We've partnered with them to further stimulate our AI's in the medical field.


Our biggest client for Mobile App development. Their app uses many features regarding GIS location and require the fast processing of data thus they fit well into our portfolio. We help them develop apps for both Android and IOS using Native System Libraries on Android devices.

What products to we sell?

Other than our AIs we do offer some extent of technology to the public. The technology is either libreware, proprietary, or standard documents. Not all technology is ours as we also host our partners'.

We offer these products out of our library.

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