Ellem Product Line

All products produced by Ellem are white-labeled and completely customizable. These products are not cloud-based and can function without the internet. Ellem supplies support and technical services for all products.

Dossibay - File Sharing for Industry Professionals

Dossibay is an intuitive file transfer method that is an alternative to sending files over email or cloud storage. Dossibay works great with law firms, medical practices, and other professional services that need to exchange files between them and their customers securely.

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General Software Production

The term "Software Production" refers to Ellem's process of developing a product for our customers. As a customer, you are effectively renting this process, along with the people to work it. Our process for developing products for our customers is the same process we use to build our software. This process is scalable and effective for our customers of all sizes, from small-budget startups to multi-million dollar government projects.

Ellem Software Production (referred to as "ESP") was developed by Ellem's founders and will always remain under constant scrutiny by Ellem's upper management to constantly improve the process. ESP is a decade in the making, combining many aspects of different methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, and Scrum. ESP is gauged precisely for the use of software development projects.

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EllemLB - Logistics and Supply Chain Tracking (WIP)

What is EllemLB

EllemLB is a system that manages and tracks supply lines, tangible and intangible assets, and inventory. EllemLB is an advanced, highly efficient, flexible software database built for an extreme, mission-critical workload.

EllemLB is currently in research. Ellem is now producing this product, but you can look forward to later announcements.

EllemHA - Electronic Health Record Software (WIP)

What is EllemHA

EllemHA is an electronic health record (EHR) software platform used to build health care systems.

EllemHA is customized to suit the customer's needs, including integrations to an infinite number of other systems.

EllemHA will hit the market to compete with Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and eClinicalWorks by offering a faster, more intuitive, and secure design.

EllemHA is currently in research. Ellem is now producing this product, but you can look forward to later announcements.