Software Development

We do software development. Simple as that. We have no limit to our capabilities, and we have no further expectations other than we'll be working with code. The language doesn't matter to us, the platform does not matter to us, the application does not matter to us. This is of course assuming you have selected a langauge, platform and/or application, if you haven't, that doesn't matter either. All you need to know is: we'll take care of all of it.

We've had clients bring us technology that is so old it doesn't even show up until the 15th page of google if you'd try to search it. We've also had clients bring us technology so new that we ended up developing it. The point is that we are not picky, if it's software, we can develop it.

Technology, languages and products we supply

Software Development - Portfolio and Capabilities

Below is a list technical capabilities we have based on what we have worked with before. This list is not comprehendsive, as we don't have a static list of what we do and don't work with. Our software-technology capabilities are simply limitless. Below is a list of only the impressive items:

Software Development - Costs and Terms

The exact details of costs, timelines, and other terms vary by product's size, scope, support, intellectual property, and overall uniqueness. Typically, a more unique set of circumstances equates to a higher costs. A discussion needs to be had between us to get a concrete quote, this discussion is free and can be started by contacting us.

Outside of the product itself is the relationship between us. Ellem is unique because our philosphy is that software should be produced for you in two analogous ways, (1) like how a law firm produces you their services through a partnership or (2) like how general contractors produces you construction through a project. In either case, the product must be reliable, using the most up-to-date practices and leave no room for fault or error. With Ellem you can expect us to take the a degree of responsibility as if the quality of software was a matter of life or death.


Partners of Ellem can enjoy the fact that they have a strong, talented, and diverse team software developers. Partnering with us means you can skip the process of recruiting, training, and retaining software developers, which if you haven't done before, is a very hard and frustrating process. Partnerhsips clears the way for those with lots of diverse software development needs. Partnerships gives executives (you) confidence that any demands of software development will be met with a compentent development team that has the ability to crush any and all potential roadblocks (us).


Work on Project basis is great for our customers who enjoy having concrete milestones complete on concrete deadlines without the need for long-term commitment. We are flexible on pay schedules and which can include financing options.

We staff project managers certified by the Project Management Institue (PMI) and we seek to challenge them by giving you a more efficient project than our competitors, it saves you time in money and allows us to constantly improve our process of rapid, high-quality software development. We will surprise you with what we can do with limited budget and time as you can see from our previous customer's quotes (here). It's all because we strive for challenge.

Software Development - App Development

If lack the resources, knowledge, or power to develop the application you need for your product then you need Ellem. We take the development and maintence of application development completely off your hands. We will work with you to transfer your idea into technology. We can develop for:

More information on App Development as well as estimates and quotes can be found here.

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