Proprietary Product Repository

Product IDName
d-4230.0 Ellem Software Library: Software Distribution Website
d-4220.0 lmPaygate: Website to handle payment transactions with high-grade encryption.
d-1029.0 High-Demand Social Network API
d-4200.0 Laz: Website technology
d-1113.0 lmp: Project Management Suite for Debian Work Server
d-1133.0 Crystio: Advanced Encryption
d-822a.0 Social Network Android Application
d-4200.1 Placeholder Website
p-mg1000 GIS interoperability controller
p-mg2000 GIS deep learning controller
p-tg1000 Medical record transfer


Select a product you wish to view, each product has a code name and an alias. The code name, mostly in the format of d-####.# acts as the product's main form of identification.

Some products have variations as well as customization options available. Ask a technical representative for more information.