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Developing software? Let's work together

It's important for Techies to work together to establish a fabric of knowledge that everyone can benefit from. Ellem doesn't necessarily want to sell our knowledge as much as expand it. When we work with our friends we often teach something to each other to satisfy our fundamental thirst for knowledge.

We offer a few professional services with our knowledge. But by no means do we consider it a profitable product as much as a way to build relationships.

Native System Libraries

Today, IT involves many languages that are not native to the computers they're running on. These are Interpreted Languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C#, ect. These languages and their respective interpreters are good for mobility. But not the best for speed and accuracy. However, Those Interpreted Languages can be modified and rigged to use native system libraries.

The most effective way for proper and inexpensive development

Not every developer knows the ins and outs of High-Speed Software (HSS). It's a skill that takes decades to master. However, by enhancing only critical parts of your product with HSS using Native System Libraries, you can get the best of both worlds.

Every interpreted language has the native integration ability. It's a matter if the documentation is supplied or not determines the difficulty and expense of the integration. However, some languages are actually easier to make native adjustments than using the languages themselves. Below are a few examples of Native System Library integration.

Tech2Tech Business

Tech2Tech business is particularly important for the advancement of IT as a whole. We strive on this type of business because of what knowledge and experience we have to offer. We work together with our T2T partners as both clients and friends with a common interest. For those interested in this relationship, and [[portfolio][what we know]], your first step would be our [[contact][contact page]].


We learn alot here at the laboratories. We're happy to share our knowledge to our fellow IT individuals by the means of training

Over the course of research or development projects we keep documentation on how something works and how it can be improved. These journals are typically what we teach out of.